Action Center: Connecting Students

Action Center: K-12 Bridge to Broadband

In a national effort to connect more students for remote and hybrid learning, through a unique partnership with national non-profit EducationSuperHighway, USTelecom is teaming up with the ‘K-12 Bridge to Broadband’ Initiative. The program will scale innovative solutions, working in partnership with school districts and states to identify unconnected, but serviceable, student households and seek to offer sponsored service arrangements to connect students this school year.

Every student in every zip code in every corner of this country needs connectivity to learn and fulfill their potential… the ‘K-12 Bridge to Broadband’ program is another solution for broadband companies and school districts to team up and connect more students this school year. USTelecom President and CEO Jonathan Spalter

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Know a school district who might be interested? Learn more here.

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