Jonathan Spalter

Funding Affordable Connectivity

The landmark Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) reflects our nation’s deep commitment to connecting every home and business to the power and promise of high-speed internet. More than 17 million households today rely on the program to help ensure access to broadband’s world of opportunities.

The program launched in 2022 with strong bipartisan support. Yet, the ACP is now likely to run out of resources early next year unless Congress steps in. Universal, affordable connectivity is essential to our nation’s continual quest for ‘a more perfect union.’ It exemplifies our shared commitment to ensuring everyone can participate fully in our connected nation.

Our country should continue to put its resources behind its values. That’s why Congress must act soon to keep the program funded and ensure connectivity for the millions it serves. For the long haul, Congress should continue its important work advancing common-sense reforms to strengthen our nation’s broadband funding programs.