Launched: Illegal Robocall Action Center

USTelecom has launched a new online Action Center dedicated to combating Illegal Robocalls.

Stopping the plague of illegal robocalls is a serious issue for consumers and our USTelecom member companies, industry partners, and folks at the FCC, FTC, and state Attorneys General offices investing time and resources to fight back.

USTelecom is on the case as leaders of the Industry Traceback Group (ITB) and its 25+ participants from across the wireline, wireless, VoIP and cable industries. The ITB Group actively hunts down the perpetrators, no matter where they are hiding—even if they are overseas—and shares it with enforcement agencies.

We also have encouraged industry-wide adoption of call authentication technology like SHAKEN/STIR, and supported severe civil and criminal enforcement against bad actors.

For more information check out the Illegal Robocall Action Center, for:

  • Consumer DOs and DONTs
  • Infographics
  • Industry tactics
  • FCC filings
  • Media coverage
  • Government reporting