Strengthen Global Leadership on Cybersecurity

First 100 Days: Building Our Connected Future

The United States is far and away the #1 global target of cybersecurity threats, most of which originate from countries that are far from friendly to our national interests. The new Administration and Congress must take immediate action to signal that the U.S. will continue cohesive global leadership.

Specific 100-Days Actions

  • Quickly convene a senior level industry and government team of technology and policy experts to review the effectiveness of major federal public-private cybersecurity initiatives.
  • Signal that the U.S. will reinvigorate its cyber engagement with global allies—from criminal botnet activity to international standards development for the Internet of Things security, supply chain interoperability and diversification.
  • Adequately support American broadband providers by appropriately offsetting their costs to ‘rip and replace’ vulnerable network equipment from domestic U.S. infrastructure.


THE BOTTOM LINE for First 100 Days Building Our Connected Future:

Broadband—and the work, investment and know-how of the companies providing it—has never been more important. Jonathan Spalter