CSDE 2022 International Botnet and IoT Security Guide


CSDE 2022 International Botnet and IOT Security GuideThe CSDE’s International Botnet and IoT Security Guide is among the world’s leading initiatives to dramatically reduce destructive botnet attacks. Since 2018, CSDE has brought together communications and technology sector leadership on an annual basis to identify practices and capabilities for combating threats related to botnets, such as malware propagation, denial-of-service attacks, and the spread of corrosive disinformation.

The challenges posed by botnets are constantly evolving. Industry is engaged in a continuous effort to innovate and outmaneuver highly motivated, well-financed adversaries in collaboration with law enforcement and government partners across the globe. The good news is that many of the trends we are seeing could be mitigated with broader implementation of the guidance CSDE has already published. Therefore, we urge stakeholders in the digital economy to implement the practices necessary to safeguard important interests and bolster security.