Patrick Brogan

U.S. Broadband Availability Year-End 2017


Released July 31, 2019

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In an increasingly competitive marketplace, U.S. broadband providers continue to deploy and upgrade networks to bring consumers across the nation new broadband options and ever-faster service. Increased broadband deployment reflects the continued infusion of capital investment by providers of all types and sizes, resulting in more and faster broadband for American consumers and businesses in urban and rural areas. A USTelecom report on capital investment released alongside this brief, finds that wireline, wireless, and cable broadband providers invested approximately $80 billion in 2018, up more than $3 billion from 2017. In total, these providers have invested more than $1.7 trillion since 1996.

New USTelecom and Telcodata analysis of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) broadband availability data for year-end 2017 indicate that positive deployment trends are continuing in the right direction, generating real benefits for U.S. consumers.