Chloe Sanchez

Tech Upgrades for Dad on Father’s Day

This Sunday is Father’s Day. Are you still looking for a gift? Now is a great time to upgrade Dad with a new gadget or connected device powered by broadband. Here are a few ideas for your last-minute shopping inspiration:

For the Smart Home: Dad can start the coffee pot while taking a well-deserved snooze with a smart coffee brewer, make sure burgers are never burned with a Bluetooth temp gauge, or get peace of mind with a connected home-security camera.

For the Fit Dad: Maybe Dad is the gym-going type, or maybe they want to be. A fitness smartwatch could be just the thing to kick-start a healthy habit. And it may be June, but it’s never too late to tackle that New Year’s Resolution.

For the [Movie] Buff Dad: Okay, forget the gym. This is about relaxing at home in front of a screen or binge-watching the shows Dad was too busy to watch before. A TV or streaming device can upgrade anyone’s movie night.

For the Music Lover: Whether throwing a party or relaxing alone at home, there are an impressive amount of options for wireless speakers. Some are even voice-enabled and come with home assistants (the digital kind).

For the Tech-Savvy Dad: Maybe it’s time for a new computer. Today’s laptops can help Dad power through a long work day, edit photos, or run graphics-intensive video games.

For the Budget Conscious: Not all connected devices have to break the bank. Affordable options like wi-fi speakers, headphones, and TV-streaming devices will upgrade Dad’s tech life without downgrading your pocketbook.

Most of all, we hope you have a great Father’s Day weekend, brought to you by broadband.