Brian Weiss

USTelecom, Broadband Providers to White House: Oppose 5G Nationalization

Privately-led innovation over government controls will continue to spur investments in core 5G infrastructure

Centrally planned infrastructure, nationalized networks struggle with congestion and poor service

WASHINGTON, DC – USTelecom | The Broadband Association and a coalition of broadband associations sent a new letter to the Trump Administration urging opposition to any effort to nationalize America’s 5G network infrastructure “through Federal entry into the commercial market as currently contemplated by the Department of Defense.”

In addition to USTelecom, broadband associations writing to the White House include CTIA, CCA, NCTA, NRECA, NTCA and WIA.

“Whether it is access to spectrum, fiber backhaul infrastructure, antennas and radios, or any other elements necessary to power resilient, secure and fast 5G networks – we will always be better off with private innovation and competition. That is the American way and why the United States is the undisputed global leader in communications… [adding] While centrally planned infrastructure and nationalized networks have struggled with congestion and poor service, American providers have met and exceeded the increased usage demands during COVID-19 while continuing to invest billions at a time when our economy needs it most.”

The letter to President Trump is available here.