Brian Weiss

USTelecom Statement on COVID-19 and Network Preparedness

Background: USTelecom—The Broadband Association today wrote to members of Congress outlining the collective effort of its members to ensure a high degree of network preparedness, security and reliability as COVID-19 compels widespread workplace and school closures and potentially atypical traffic demands on America’s broadband networks.

In a letter to the leaders of the Senate Commerce, Science & Transportation Committee and the House Energy & Commerce Committee, Jonathan Spalter, president and CEO of USTelecom wrote:

“Broadband providers are laser focused on making sure the innovative networks they built and manage are ready to accommodate a prolonged reliance on telework, distance learning and other forms of high bandwidth remote communications.

“As of this writing, in communities where a large population of workers are being told to stay home, we have not observed time shifted traffic exceeding peak network capacity. Similarly, providers have not reported material congestion or internet latency issues. These are the network capacity metrics we are monitoring around the clock to assess how the infrastructure is tolerating the internet’s changing business, education and social uses.”

The letter to Congress is available HERE.

USTelecom also announced its support of ‘The Keep Americans Connected Pledge,’ a partnership with the FCC to bolster connectivity and consumer assistance during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

“This is an evolving and unprecedented situation for our country and global community, but every company we represent is committed to the principles of network preparedness and resiliency – in good times and bad. Broadband is the 21st century’s indispensable resource, never more so than in an environment where COVID-19 is reshaping the way we interact with our families, colleagues and fellow citizens.”