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Statement: Legal Challenge to Restoring Internet Freedom Order

Background: A group of 22 state attorneys general and the District of Columbia along with private parties have asked a U.S. federal appeals court to overturn the FCC’s Restoring Internet Freedom Order.

The following statement can be attributed to Jonathan Spalter, President & CEO, USTelecom:

“As we’ve said many times, our nation’s broadband providers stand with their consumers in supporting a free and open internet—without 1930’s-era regulations—and with consumer protections that are applied consistently across the entire internet ecosystem and not exclusively on ISPs.  As this case winds its way through federal court, it is worth noting what has not happened since the FCC’s order: the internet as we know it is still thriving, growing, open and continues to spin on its axis.  The predictions made by some that ISPs would engage in throttling, blocking, and anti-competitive prioritization, have not happened.  When it comes to maintaining our open, innovating internet, consumers deserve smart, modern and unambiguous protections that apply consistently to all parts of the internet ecosystem—not the backwards and balkanized approach these state attorneys general would impose on America’s internet consumers.  That is what we will continue to fight for in this case and ultimately in Congress.”

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