Sally Aman

Broadband: Replacing America’s Love for Televisions?

Broadband influences American lives every day. For example, television reigned supreme for decades as the go-to device for media entertainment, with more than 44 percent of households boasting three or more televisions in 2009. By 2015, that percentage had dropped to 39 percent.

Since broadband has given Americans the freedom to stream video on their smartphones, tablets and laptops, consumers no longer feel the need to have a television in every room. While the majority of households still own one or two televisions at 58 percent, the number of homes with no televisions at all has doubled.   Many American adults still watch television twice as much as they spend time browsing the internet or using apps, but a  a new generation  is spending more time on their smartphones than they spend watching traditional television. Young adults ages 18 to 24 are spending  on  average just over 18 hours a week on their phone compared to only 14 hours watching live or on-demand television, according to the Nielsen Q1 2017 Television Audience Report.

Broadband is offering consumers the flexibility to choose when, where and how they tune in to their favorite shows.  HHHHorray for fiber!