Sally Aman

Chairman Pai Bridging the Digital Divide

In his first remarks as FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai declared his highest priority: making sure every American who wants internet access can get it. Since that day, he has consistently taken steps toward that goal. A key component of the strategy to get there is fostering broadband infrastructure investment.

He formed the Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee, which focuses on ways to accelerate deployment of high-speed internet service, especially in rural areas. He announced that August would be Rural Broadband month at the FCC and quickly acted to further bridge the digital divide, most notably pushing the ball closer to making the remaining Connect America Phase II funds available through an auction.

Chairman Pai has also traveled to more than 25 towns – from Wyoming to Wisconsin to West Virginia – and this week continues his road trip in Arizona and Nevada to meet with Native American leaders and government officials to discuss the siting of broadband infrastructure on federal lands. USTelecom’s member companies share Chairman Pai’s vision for a ‘Broadband First’ future and will continue advocating for the removal of regulatory barriers that impede the expansion of our nation’s communications infrastructure.