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Chairman Pai’s Net Neutrality Proposal Will Boost the Digital Economy

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai’s announcement about his plans to restore U.S. innovation by rejecting Title II regulation of the internet is a huge win not only for consumers, but for our connected economy and digital democracy. In an Axios op-ed yesterday, USTelecom CEO Jonathan Spalter explained why Pai’s plan is heading in the right direction for the FCC and the nation.


Chairman Pai’s proposal is focused on consumers. Consumers worried about net neutrality will have the security of “clear and enforceable rules to safeguard [their] online freedoms,” Spalter wrote. Consumers concerned about online privacy will get what they’ve consistently said they want: “One high standard of protections that applies uniformly across the internet—broadband providers, yes, but everyone online, including search, social media and commerce companies,” he continued.


The FCC will no longer do the bidding of special interests intent on seeing the agency save consumers from the obvious scourge of getting free and discounted stuff online.


“Nothing about the Internet was broken when the prior FCC leadership caved to intense political pressure to ‘save the Internet’ by imposing regulations written during the Great Depression,” he wrote.


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