Broadband Mapping: What You Need to Know

Mapping will be a critical priority for many service providers in 2020. Competing for and winning Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) grants, as well as meeting new Form 477 reporting requirements, means accurate service location maps are increasingly important.

The $20.4 Billion RDOF will provide funding for approximately 6,000,000 locations in the United States lacking high-speed broadband. Providers will be able to bid on areas of the country where they believe they can provide service competitively. We are expecting the first auction to occur later in the year, targeting a total of $16 Billion.

USTelecom member and mapping partner CostQuest Associates will outline how your company can respond and come out ahead.

More information on the USTelecom Broadband Mapping Initiative is HERE.

What You’ll Take Away:

  • How Providers Become Eligible to Bid/Receive Funds
  • How to Prioritize Areas to Bid On
  • Best Practices for Your Bidding Strategy
  • New Reporting Requirements (and How to Get Ahead of Them)

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Webinar Presenters:

  • James Stegeman, CEO CostQuest Associates: Stegeman is recognized internationally for his expertise in understanding the economics of telecommunications. He oversees the development of CQA’s cutting edge economic cost models used in: broadband deployment analysis (telco, cable, wireless and satellite), infrastructure valuation, UNE (Unbundled Network Element) and USF (Universal Service Fund) proceedings. Mr. Stegeman led the design, coding, and implementation of the Connect America Cost Model (“CAM”, “CACM”, “ACAM”) that is used by the FCC to disburse $3Billion annually to fund broadband deployment. Mr. Stegeman formed CQA with his partners in 1999.
  • Mike Wilson, Vice President, Professional Services, CostQuest Associates: Wilson focuses his consulting efforts in the areas of rural telecommunications policy, universal service funding, interconnection, and operational analysis for wireless, competitive, and incumbent local carriers. Prior to joining CostQuest, Mr. Wilson worked at Western Wireless/Alltel. He managed Wireless Interconnection, focusing on carrier negotiations and reducing Cost of Service for Alltel’s wireless business unit.
  • Stephen Mok, Director, Strategy & Innovation, CostQuest Associates: As a member of the Marketing team and New Products Division, Mr. Mok’s responsibilities are to identify, prioritize, and execute on opportunities to drive business growth and operational efficiency. His core goals include gathering and synthesizing market feedback, marketing strategy, e-commerce product development and distribution strategy.

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