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Jon Stouffer and Savannah Stouffer of GTC Broadband 

GTC Broadband President Jon Stouffer and Marketing Manager Savannah Stouffer discuss their company’s century-long service to their communities and conversion to fiber-to-the-home in both exchanges.

Tell us about GTC Broadband.

GTC Broadband is a family-owned and operated phone and internet company proudly serving the communities of Diamond and Granby, MO. We have been in existence since 1904, proudly serving our communities for over 110 years. We started our internet journey over 23 years ago with the revolutionary dial-up internet. We continue to offer the best possible internet connection as we finish the conversion of both exchanges to fiber. GTC Broadband has been in the Stouffer family since 1930 when Harold Stouffer acquired full ownership from L. Q. Adamson, followed by his son and daughter-in-law, Dale and Shirley Stouffer. Dale and Shirley’s son, Jon Stouffer (President), and his daughter, Savannah Stouffer (Marketing Manager), are the current Stouffers who work at GTC Broadband. Savannah plans to keep the company in the family when Jon retires, making her the fourth-generation owner.

What is your biggest or most recent corporate accomplishment? 

Our biggest and most recent corporate accomplishment would have to be the conversion to Fiber-to-the-Home in both exchanges. This effort has taken us 10 years, but we are finally on the downhill slope of completely reconstructing our last exchange from aerial copper to buried fiber. Aside from this, Savannah has created “The Doing Good Project,” which gives back to the local schools in our exchanges by providing school supplies to every teacher in the district, and providing scholarships to four graduating seniors. We are proud of the community we have served for so long, and we believe in the responsibility of giving back locally.

When you think about your company’s future, what, if anything, keeps you up at night?

If anything, continually shaping and adapting our strategies to provide the best internet service modern technology has to offer, while keeping our prices as reasonable as possible. Ultimately, we aim to continue to grow and improve all areas of GTC Broadband for our customers.

What unique challenges does your company face while serving your communities? 

A constantly changing regulatory environment and unique industry demographics present a host of challenges. We are hopeful that, as an industry, the environment will continue to stabilize in these areas moving forward.

What are two websites that you can’t get through the day without checking?

We can’t go a day without going on and, of course!