Sally Aman

One Big Thing: Exponential Data Traffic

When it comes to how Americans use the internet, the mantra “more is more” grows more applicable by the day.  A USTelecom analysis has found that U.S. IP traffic has grown nearly 3.5 times over the last five years, and is set to grow 2.5 times over the next five. To get a sense what that looks like, take a peek below:

One Big Thing: Exponential Data Traffic

So what’s with all the growth? Remember when the using the internet was mostly Asking Jeeves useless questions and chatting with your friends on Instant Messenger? Times have changed. A massive shift toward streaming online video content (hello, binge-watching) along with continued internet adoption, the Internet of Things (a.k.a. smart tech everything) and more has sent traffic skyrocketing.

Americans are online so much that we have overtaken South Korea as the most prolific data users in the world. And thanks to the continued expansion, investment and upgrade of our broadband networks by U.S. providers, we can all expect the super-fast internet speeds the final season of Game of Thrones truly deserves.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to ask Siri to make me a latte.