Partner Spotlight: The SIP School


The SIP School: Technical & Sales Training

Graham Francis, CEO of The SIP School, talks about online training and certification opportunities. USTelecom offers a 10% discount on all SIP training and certifications with discount code: UST10.

Tell us about The SIP School?

The SIP School has been the global leader in online SIP and VoIP training since its launch in 2008. Out of 23,500 students, approximately 50% are US-based. All training courses are designed to fit the needs of people working in the world of communications, and course content evolves as technology changes and advances. The SIP School is also the issuing authority of a number of recognized certifications including the SSCA which over 7,800 people hold around the world.

What courses do you offer?

We offer a number of courses that focus on Networking and Telecommunications, with a specific focus on SIP (the Session Initiation Protocol). Courses have the specific objective of teaching students all they need to know about communications technologies, give them ‘confidence’ to move forward in their careers, and be open to learning even more once they have finished our programs. A full list of courses, along with curriculum details and free demos, is here.

Tell us about your certification courses?

All of our training programs come with a certification exam and these certification are recognized by associations and companies worldwide. People new to Networking and Telecoms should start with the SSVVP before moving onto the SIP-specific SSCA. Sales and Marketing people have their own certifications, the SSMP, to ensure they are fully informed and prepared to sell their products and services. WebRTC is a disruptive protocol that has now been adopted by all browser vendors and we offer both Developer and Integrator courses. By being vendor neutral, our programs have been used to train people to a high standards so they are ready to learn about their own company’s  products and services.

What is required to take a course?

All people need is an internet connected computer, laptop or tablet device to access the training anywhere. Each of our training programs varies in study time, with the SSCA SIP program having a running time of over 13 hours. For curriculum and time details, there are downloadable PDFs available here. When taking the program, students will be encouraged to download freeware such as Wireshark, Soft Clients for testing calls and so on. Once students have completed the training, they are ready for the certification test. Again, this is online, and some of the tests are available in multiple languages. Once the test is passed, students receive a certificate, as well as a ‘qualification’ logo to use on business cards, email signatures etc.

How can someone sign up for a course?

To enroll, people and companies can visit The SIP School website and click the Buy It Now button. Once they have completed payment process (using a Credit Card, PayPal or even Bitcoin), an email is sent immediately to begin the logon process. Larger purchases can be made via a Purchase Order / Invoice process and will also benefit from bulk discounts.  Email for more details on this process.