2022 Broadband Capex Report


Broadband Providers Invested $102.4B In Communications Infrastructure Last Year

Investment Up 19% Year-Over-Year

America’s broadband industry invested a record $102.4 billion in U.S. communications infrastructure in 2022, reflecting broadband providers’ determination to help achieve the national objective of affordable, reliable high-speed connectivity for all. The annual figure represents a 21-year high for investment from the communications sector and a 19% year-over-year increase.

Graphic showing capex investment by broadband providers increased

The 2022 capital influx builds on decades of investment into world-class networks and connectivity infrastructure, a commitment that now totals nearly $2.1 TRILLION since 1996. Investment in 2022 reflects a range of initiatives aimed at advancing U.S. connectivity, including expansion of gigabit fiber deployments, integration of fiber and mobile networks, increased rural broadband construction and expanding network capacity alongside the rising bandwidth demands of consumers and the economy.

Graph showing capex investment by broadband providers was $102.4B in 2022

Adding to the good news for consumers, in addition to strong investment in the reach, resilience and capacity of the nation’s network infrastructure, broadband prices continue to lag inflation, making broadband among the most cost-effective consumer services.

USTelecom 2022 Broadband Capex Report

This USTelecom survey collects capital expenditures data for major wireline, wireless and cable broadband providers to approximate an industry aggregate. This figure does not include smaller wireline broadband providers, electric cooperatives or satellite broadband providers due to the difficulty of obtaining consistent and comparable data. We estimate these competitors’ capex contributions at no less than $2 billion. Thus, the $102.4 billion figure we report today is a conservative estimate.