Statement on FCC proposal to classify broadband as a Title II telecommunications service

Washington, D.C.—Today in a speech at the National Press Club, Federal Communications Commission Chair Jessica Rosenworcel unveiled a proposal to classify broadband as a Title II telecommunications service.

The following statement is from Jonathan Spalter, president & CEO of USTelecom – The Broadband Association:

“America’s broadband providers are fiercely committed to an open internet. That has not and will not change.

Consumers have significantly benefited from, and the broadband ecosystem has unequivocally succeeded under, today’s forward-looking policy framework that recognizes market realities while spurring more than $102 billion of infrastructure investment in 2022 alone.

Broadband providers exist to connect consumers, and, in today’s increasingly competitive broadband market, we are connecting them at faster speeds and lower prices.

Powering up an outdated regulatory time machine to impose rules designed for a long-forgotten era runs directly counter to, and will likely derail, the critical achievement we are so close to reaching – universal connectivity.

Treating broadband as a Title II utility is a dangerous and costly solution in search of a problem. Congress must step in on this major question and end this game of regulatory ping-pong. The future of the open, vibrant internet we now enjoy hangs in the balance.”