USTelecom and its Consortium Partners talk to FCC Staff about Mapping Pilot Results

Download: USTelecom-Ex-Parte-BMI-Pilot-Results.pdf

USTelecom memorialized their ex parte meetings with the FCC discussing their Mapping Pilot Results Report.

Representatives from USTelecom, ITTA and WISPA accompanied Pilot vendor CostQuest to meetings with Commissioner O’Reilly, Legal Advisors for Chairman Pai, Commissioner Car and Commissioner Starks as well as staff from the Wireline Competition Bureau and the Office of Economic Analysis.

In those meetings our Consortium provided context for some of the key findings in the Pilot Report an shared with the Commission the decision tree used by CostQuest to verify whether some locations were Broadband Serviceable Locations for purposes of building the Fabric.

For more information, please visit our Broadband Mapping Initiative Action Center.