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Statement: Joint Lawsuit Against Vermont; Call for National – not State – Framework for an Open Internet

Background: USTelecom, CTIA, NCTA and ACA – representing America’s broadband providers – have today filed a joint lawsuit in federal court challenging the State of Vermont’s Internet Bill (S. 289) and Executive Order No. 2-18.

The following statement can be attributed to USTelecom, CTIA, NCTA and ACA:

“Broadband providers are united in support of an open internet and committed to delivering the content and services consumers demand. We oppose the actions in Vermont because states cannot use their spending and procurement authority to bypass federal laws they do not like. A 50-state patchwork approach threatens service for customers, hampers innovation and dampens investment in local communities, which is why Congress should adopt a permanent, enforceable, national framework to safeguard an open internet for all Americans.”

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