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Statement: Net Neutrality Legislation

Background: Today, Senate Democrats held a press briefing with online advocates to discuss the future of net neutrality legislation.

The following statement is from USTelecom President & CEO Jonathan Spalter:

“Maintaining – and strengthening – our dynamic, ever-innovating and open internet is a vital national interest. But the FCC’s previous action reclassifying the internet under clunky Title II telephone rules has turned back the clock away from the successful – and bipartisan – policies that produced over two decades of enormous growth and innovation that have brought so much progress for our citizens. We must – and we can – do better. Americans deserve policies every bit as smart, resilient, and forward-looking as the broadband services, applications and networks our innovators provide and our communities require. Which is why USTelecom members look forward to working with Congress on legislative proposals that clarify open internet principles to remove any confusion and ensure that consumers continue to benefit from an open internet, technology entrepreneurs can continue to take chances, and those making significant infrastructure investments are able to do so confidently and with a clear vision for the future.”