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Statement: Nomination of Christopher Krebs

Background: Today, President Trump announced his intent to nominate Christopher Krebs as Under Secretary for National Protection and Programs, Department of Homeland Security.

The following statement is from Jonathan Spalter, president & CEO, USTelecom:

“Securing and protecting our nation’s critical physical and cybersecurity infrastructure is a national priority of the highest order. The nomination of Chris Krebs is a clear signal of the determination and focus that our government assigns to this vital mission. Mr. Krebs has been an exceptional leader in both the public and private sectors and will bring keen instincts and expertise to the position. Most importantly, he recognizes the value of working in close partnership with innovators in industry and especially the broad Internet ecosystem to sustain the global digital infrastructure. All of us at USTelecom look forward to working with him and his colleagues at the Department. I urge the U.S. Senate to act quickly on Mr. Krebs’ nomination.”