Brian Weiss

Commerce Department’s Proposed Rulemaking to Secure ICT Supply Chain

Background: The U.S. Department of Commerce today announced a proposed rulemaking to secure America’s information and communications technology and services supply chain.

The following statement can be attributed to Robert Mayer, Senior Vice President, Cybersecurity at USTelecom:

“Given the weightiness and sheer complexity of this issue, we appreciate the Commerce Department accepting our recommendation to seek industry comment before establishing interim final rules, a process that should reduce the risk of unintended consequences and advance the shared goal of securing our communications supply chain and protecting consumers. We are especially encouraged the Department has already adopted a process to determine whether a transaction meets the requirements of the Executive Order on a case-by-case, fact-specific basis.”

USTelecom co-chairs the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Supply Chain Risk Management Task Force, a first of its kind public-private partnership to identify and manage risk to the global ICT supply chain. USTelecom also founded and co-leads the Council to Secure the Digital Economy, which brings together companies from across the information technology and communications sectors to combat increasingly sophisticated and emerging cyber threats.