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Statement: FCC Orders Set Path for Increased Broadband Investment

Background: Today, the Federal Communications Commission approved orders that would facilitate buildout of rural broadband, modernize broadband provider accounting rules, and temporarily waive enhanced transparency reporting requirements for small broadband providers with 250,000 or fewer subscribers.

The following statement is from USTelecom President & CEO Jonathan Spalter:

“Today’s adoption of the auction order is an important step toward expanding broadband infrastructure in rural America and connecting more people to the internet. We look forward to working with the commission on remaining auction requirements to reach a speedy and successful result. The commission also unanimously adopted an order that will facilitate broadband investment by eliminating long outdated accounting rules. USTelecom’s members appreciate Chairman Pai’s continued leadership on this issue. Eliminating these requirements will benefit consumers and competition by freeing up resources to invest in modern broadband services. Finally, we are pleased the commission adopted an order exempting small companies from enhanced transparency reporting requirements which will allow providers to channel crucial resources to maintaining and building rural broadband networks, and serving more customers.”