10 Tips To Protect Your Small Business From Cyber Breaches


USTelecom’s 2021 Cybersecurity Survey of Critical Infrastructure Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs) outlines 10 important ways small businesses can protect against cyber breaches.

  1. Conduct Cybersecurity Training: Regularly train and test staff on best practices and controls.
  2. Review Policies and Procedures: Annually revisit and update to identify roles, responsibilities, and organizational accountability.
  3. Update System Configurations: Follow vendor and expert recommendations, including structured protocols to patch vulnerabilities.
  4. Direct Annual Risk Assessments: Risk assessments put cyber risks in economic terms so mitigation techniques can be calibrated and reviewed by executive management.
  5. Perform Post-breach Assessments: Post-breach findings offer valuable insights and should be communicated to management and departments.
  6. Evaluate In-house Capabilities: Annually assess—and consider retaining outsourced, managed service providers—to augment existing cybersecurity staff as needed.
  7. Obtain Cyber Insurance: Annually review policies to ensure appropriate coverage and alignment with your risk tolerance.
  8. Identify Information Sharing Opportunities: Participate in formal and informal information sharing opportunities that support your specific needs.
  9. Establish Regular Briefings: Coordinate briefings for appropriate levels of management and implement a process to ensure feedback.
  10. Dedicate Budget: Commit at least 10-15% of IT budget to cybersecurity based on business needs and risk tolerance.

There is nothing “small” about protecting your business’ cyber security.