ITG 2022 Year-In-Review


The USTelecom-led Industry Traceback Group (ITG) plays a central role in the battle against illegal robocalls. Throughout 2022, companies across the wireline, wireless, VoIP, and cable industries collaborated with law enforcement to trace, source, and ultimately, stop illegal robocalls—no matter where they originate.

ITG in Action

  • 95% of completed tracebacks result in action with nearly 70% ending with the caller terminated or warned
  • Over 500 offending callers kicked off the network
  • Terminated callers responsible for approximately 32 million daily illegal robocalls
  • ITG responded to 150 subpoenas in 2022, nearly matching the total in the ITG’s previous history


Innovative Solutions

  • Launched government portal, providing direct access for law enforcement to traceback results
  • Deployed automatic alerting to providers of apparent noncompliance with FCC Robocall Mitigation Database rules
  • Rolled out collection and analysis of caller ID authentication information


Continuing the Momentum

The ITG-fostered industry and law enforcement close partnership made great progress disrupting and holding illegal robocallers accountable in 2022. Despite this progress, bad actors responsible for illegal robocalls do not and will not stop trying. The good news is that the ITG, in partnership with the industry and law enforcement community, is on the beat.