US vs. EU Broadband Trends 2012 to 2020


USTelecom’s US vs EU Broadband Trends (2012-2020) features updated research showing the United States continues to lead the European Union (EU) in broadband deployment and adoption, while also outpacing Europe on broadband investment and competition.

  • US deployment advantage: + 11 percentage points ≥30 Mbps; + 25 ≥ 100 Mbps
  • US extends its lead in consumer broadband adoption – with greatest edge ≥ 100 Mbps
  • US consumers benefit from two times more facilities-based competition than EU consumers

US vs. EU Broadband Trends (2012-2020) debunks the persistent myth that the EU’s more intensive regulatory framework for broadband has yielded a superior online experience for consumers and ought to be replicated in the United States.

The report reinforces the substantial lead the United States has over the EU on critical metrics from infrastructure deployment and consumer broadband adoption to investment and competition. These findings offer compelling validation that the US regulatory model – one that encourages vigorous private investment in continually building, maintaining and upgrading US broadband infrastructure – has yielded superior outcomes for American consumers and the nation’s digital future, when compared to the EU’s more heavily regulatory approach.