US vs. EU Broadband Trends (2012-2019)


Released by USTelecom | The Broadband Association, the US vs. EU Broadband Trends (2012-2019) report debunks a persistent myth that the EU’s more intensive framework for broadband regulation has yielded a superior online experience for consumers and ought to be replicated in the United States.

The data indicates the U.S. approach – specifically, a collaborative public-private policy framework that incentivizes capital-intensive private investment over government regulation – has not only delivered a more competitive U.S. broadband marketplace than Europe, it has also fueled additional benefits, including declining U.S. broadband prices, superior network resilience, and the ability for consumers to more fully utilize digital tools and resources.

If the U.S. had followed the EU’s more regulatory broadband path, our digital divide would be substantially bigger and our shared networks considerably less prepared for the traffic demands of the pandemic and our increasingly connected economy. USTelecom President & CEO Jonathan Spalter