Chloe Sanchez

White House Flexes National Cyber Strategy

Amid the constant stream of news on cyber threats, hacks, and attacks, eyes have been trained on the White House for guidance from  the Trump Administration about the national approach to combatting cyberattacks.

The National Cybersecurity Strategy released by the White House yesterday, September 20th, outlines that national approach.

The strategy report is centered around four key pillars:

    • Securing our network infrastructure,
    • Supporting the digital economy and cyber workforce,
    • Deterring bad actors,
    • Advancing American influence and worldwide collaboration.

Essentially, the White House report articulates the central policy pillars that underpin our collective efforts to secure cyberspace, and gives voice to a growing, global call to protect the digital infrastructure that we all depend on.

For telecommunications providers in particular, the report discusses the Administration’s goal to facilitate the rollout of our infrastructure that prioritizes secure supply chains. (Be sure to check out our recent webinar on telecom supply chain security.) It also discusses updating mechanisms to review foreign companies’ investment and operation so we can stay secure while maintaining our global leadership in tech innovation.

We know our members have the honor and responsibility of supporting the communications networks that are the lifeblood of our vibrant, resilient digital economy. USTelecom and our members will continue fostering a robust working relationship with our government agencies to secure our communications infrastructure against cyber threats.