Jonathan Spalter

Statement on Windstream

Windstream traces its roots to Little Rock, Arkansas in 1943 when it was known as the Allied Telephone Company.

Today, Windstream is a communications and connectivity leader — serving a million American families, communities, and enterprises through the power and promise of broadband. Windstream’s fiber-optic network spans 125,000 miles in 22 states and its 13,000 employees are at the forefront of our nation’s telecommunications revolution; innovating, investing, and building the technologies of tomorrow.

Windstream’s deep commitment to bringing next generation communications to our nation’s hardest-to-reach communities and small towns — and their schools, hospitals, farms, and ranches — has endured through good times and tough times. That commitment is as vibrant and resilient today as it was three generations ago.

We are encouraged and grateful that Windstream’s commitment to its employees and customers endures. USTelecom is proud to count this outstanding American company as a member of our association and a partner in our shared mission to deliver modern, reliable communications networks to all Americans.