Connecting Communities Through the Power of Broadband

Broadband delivers much more than just the internet – it creates opportunities for entire communities by empowering your everyday.

Broadband Providers’ Commitment to Access

Power of Broadband

Broadband providers are committed to closing the digital divide and guaranteeing high-speed, affordable internet for every American family. Through generational investments totaling more than $2.1 trillion over the past 25 years, broadband providers are closer than ever to achieving universal coverage so every community can reap the benefits and the opportunities of connection.

  • In 2022 broadband providers invested $102.4 billion into the world-class networks and connectivity infrastructure that has kept America connected through unprecedented times.
  • As of 2021, 92% of Americans have high-speed internet to access health care, education, ecommerce, job training and more, no matter where they live. Broadband providers understand that modern life requires modern solutions.
  • Our member companies are collaborating with public partners to secure a fiber future for everyone by deploying high-speed connections to 44 million unserved and underserved households, primarily in high-cost areas that require public-private partnerships to reach.

Stronger Networks, Faster Speeds, Competitive Prices – For All

Broadband delivers so much more than the internet – it connects communities and creates opportunities for Americans no matter their zip code.

A generation of investment by U.S. broadband providers expands access, delivers competitive rates and improves connectivity empowers your everyday.  

Broadband Capex Report

U.S. broadband providers kept up their 25-year commitment to connectivity by investing nearly $2.1 trillion in modern, reliable and affordable networks in our communities. Learn how this generational investment from broadband providers has shaped accessibility and affordability. Read more.

Broadband Pricing Index

Broadband connectivity is a lifeline for families and communities across America. Through innovation and investment in cutting-edge networks, broadband prices have continued to decline – even as the cost of goods and services across the economy is going up. Read more.